Saturday, February 5, 2011

Earn at home, Revolutionize Blogging so Be a Newbie Blogger

Earn at home, Revolutionize Blogging so Be a Newbie Blogger

you don't have to be a professional blogger to start blogging...

Educating ourselves and getting good earnings…

During college days, educational system are already linked to websites and helps educating ourselves, and find answers to our school assignments and projects.

Educating ourselves online and find answers to “How to get Good Earnings and a Beautiful Life...?”
Educational technology = "Educating ourselves online" + "Finding answers or ways How to Get Good Earnings and a Beautiful Life"

Educating ourselves, online, and finding answers for significant information are made available and easier, thanks to the vast number of websites and internet providers. With the advent of modern technology, internet services are made available even through internet broadband and/or wireless modems and/or applications with many commercial internet providers.

Now, at around 5 to 10 years after graduating college, and the ever growing unemployment rate, we now are facing more and more dependence from internet with all our resources and educational systems that are more integrating internet services and attaining educational upgrades. And even online educational degrees are offered, also an playing important factor of uplifting educational systems. Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources (AECT, 2004). And educational technology and getting good earnings and getting a beautiful life are equally important gaining success holistically.

I had a many conversations, from friends, brothers, some members of our extended family, they are encouraging to get into making money from internet as a blogger. They even shared testimonies that they knew many people are having good earning as newbie blogger spending 3-5 hours online a day  to a professional blogger (as part-time) $ 150 - $ 200 a month, and I say spending 3 to 5 hours a day is not too bad in both ways as a newbie blogger or as the professional blogger spent for part-time.
Then, I slowly keep on searching the Do’s and the Don’ts in the blogging business. What interests me is “How to do it,” and slowly I have created my first blog post a year ago out of scratch, and out of boredom then left it unvisited for than a month. When I un-intentionally visited Mr. Google for a usual search, this page came up from the Google search results, and one article is coming from my blog. There clicking it with usual instinct from an ordinary web searcher, I got the blog post found created and owned by yours truly, and I realized how the opportunities is brought for bloggers, from a newbie blogger, to a professional blogger, to a blogger hobbyist, to blogger constantly seeking opportunities for  good earnings most especially seeking a beautiful life.

Other testimonies:
“When I quit my job started full-time work at home I missed the normal social interactions from the normal workplace. People missed the usual interactions from success and/or problems. And I want a community no matter how small enough, but enough that everyone knows they are there to help each other. So now, I got the best of both worlds, good Earnings and running a business to Earn at home with full of interactions.”  --- Ms. J / Owner of Internet Marketing

“I am full time blogger who makes a living from a dynamic medium from blogs Photo-related institution and Twitter-related sites. And sometime in early 2000s he read article about blogging, I didn’t know that time, after reading the article, it changed my life. Since then, I am now a full time blogger and blog for more than 15 blogs and co-owned a leading website and co-founded one blog network. ” --- Mr. D / Co-owned a leading website / Co-founded one blog network

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Keep this blog (Good Earnings and a Beautiful Life) regularly checked for continued updates because I will provide some more information helping you build a blog and/or website for your business and/or personal good earning benefits.

You don't have to be a professional blogger to start blogging...

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