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Mike's success story that led to Creation of iPhoneDevsecrets course

The success story of Mike that led to Creation of iPhoneDevsecrets course. Be Successful and learn iPhoneDevsecrets course

It all started with the dream and great desire of creating a game. Since childhood Mike is always dreaming making it big. To think of his creation of a game over and over, again and again resulted in sleepless nights, imagining the characters, levels, gameplays, tricks, etc.

With all hard work he achieved making his dream into a reality.

the video shows proofs.

Testimony And Video 2. "Testimony And Video 2."

With hard work, YOU CAN ALSO achieve making dreams into a reality. And start multi-dollar earnings with the help of the iPhoneDevSecrets course.
You can find Mike's story impressive. Definitely it is!
Mike is raking in money, with a certain fact that it is not always with big volume of cash because six months ago he was struggling. With no programming skills, with no team and no money. The only thing he have is a great desire creating the game of his dreams.

Honestly, only a big fan of the iPhone, and he did not even consider ideas of creating games for anything else but the iPhone and/or iPad. missin ghte main thing -No team and No programming skills. Worse, did not even obtained technical education. All reading more blogs and reports about the Gold Rush in the Apps Store where small guys like you and me achieved success by simply creating great applications and/or games.

The guys at the Top Applications past of the App Store are selling over 35, 000 copies each day.
This is driving inspiration for Mike. If each app you sell values $0.99 and get $0.70 from it all after all commissions cuts made by apple you are left a pure profit of $ 24,500 USD a day... You cannot live with that but that is a good start, isn't it? Not living in the illusion, getting on the top with the first app, Mike is the kind of guy who always wants reaching the stars.
The next target is getting into Top100 Apps.
What he did? He decided to take really seriously the feat.
First, bought all the books available in local Barnes&Noble store and on Amazon. Everything from iPhone development for dummies to the advanced experts stuff, but it took three (3) months reading alone all the books... Trying to all implement the knowledge was totally disappointing because most of the bought books are outdated, completely outdated. it has to do with the book publication process, writing, editing, and printing. Printing office keeps delaying again and again. Things changes so fast and printed books can't even catch up. Samples were outdated and never worked.

Mike's first game was supposed to be the simple "Hidden object" game (a game where ou tap the screen to find hidden objects). Mike, Author of iPhoneDevSecrets, found the games are popular among people and figured out it is pretty easy to make. Made simply by making several images properly cut in layers and little bit of coding. getting a developer account with Apple was easy, went ahead and opened, and started development. The Author, at his time of creation/development of his first game, spent 3 times longer than average. About 2 months in sleepless nights and the game was finally ready. The approval process took a week. Finally approved and the sale started. Mike went to bed dreaming about loads of cash rushing in his pockets.
He never imagined what happened. Failed miserably. the first day he checked sales -16 copies sold. Total net profit of $ 9 ... Next day, 11 copies, After 2 weeks got net profit of 50 bucks. Mike said, " Sounds like now I have enough money to invite my girlfriend to McDonalds, right... what an epic failure."

The major reason for the failure - "Creating a great app or game is part of the story. The most important part is how to sell it successfully and get on top of apps store sales."
That's how the top developers keep information from small guys like you and me so they can rake in money, while we can't even sell 10 copies. There is a list of elite developers who get fast approvals, premium placing in "What we are playing" and other top ratings and benefits...

Ways for a app/game developer to achieve success.
Like Tony Robbins once said "Become the best by modeling the best."
Find out what best developers do and mimic their techniques, use their secrets and tricks and you will become successful. Never try to re-invent the wheel. Use what is already working. Mike told, "Once I started implementing these ideas my sales started to go up and up. Literally, through the roof. But after all that, I still realize that I owe my success to the few generous people among the top developers who decided not to ignore me and help me out by sharing their valuable knowledge with me. With it, nothing could be possible." The author of iPhoneDevSecrets course is eager to help developers, "That's why I decided to gather all my knowledge and resources and put up a comprehensive course on iPhone and iPad development secrets. My main goal was to make a full multimedia course that I can easily update in a monthly basis instead of writing boring printed books that will become outdated even before it comes on the shelf."

What does it all mean? It means that you won't have to spend 12 months and tens of thousands of dollars figuring this out like Mike did. More Importantly, "You can start creating your own app or game today and making money with it tomorrow." iPhoneDevSecrets courses is all about creating apps or games and be successful at the app store.

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Make Money, Revolutionizing Newbie Blogger with Google AdSense

Make Money, Revolutionizing Newbie Blogger with Google AdSense

The Use of Top of the Line in Internet Marketing and Ad Business by Professional bloggers and/or Newbie bloggers.
Both Newbie bloggers and/or professional bloggers are having amounts of knowledge of the Google Adsense Programs.
Starting from the "Google AdSense terms and policies" to the "Google AdSense Guidelines," and to the “Webmaster Guidelines,” etc. the newbie bloggers and all the professional bloggers are very familiar of, and they are using this to maintain quality of the posts and/or articles written. When you are thinking of earnings, and the instinct normally gets in most of the online good earnings seeker and even for experienced professional bloggers, they have one thing in mind "the learning and/or sharing from the Google services and/or products (and/or Google AdSense)." If you are trying to market a product and/or services, your first choice is top of the line products and/or services. Also, if you are a consumer, you look for top of the line products and/or services that you expect your money can buy. Google AdSense (and Google) provides the best offer that meets the Market/ Marketeer/Seller needs and Consumer needs. A blogger is a marketeer/seller and the internet users are the consumers. The main products that bloggers are selling are information to the consumers/internet users. But, at times, and often times, bloggers are also a marketeer and a consumer. Leading the top, Google AdSense leads the top marketing tools of huge cyberspace. To be successful blogger, Newbie blogger and/or Professional blogger, is learning and sharing from the most successful earner to have good earnings. And the next step to be successful is revolutionizing blogging skills, with the help of technologies from the top of the charts in internet marketing, and/or online-based business, and even as a newbie blogger there is no one that can hinder your success as blogger in blogging business if you add creativity from your skills but more equally important factors in gaining success, perseverance and hard work.

Google AdSense is top-of-the-line tool for good earnings.
Google AdSense is serving small and large websites, with vast amounts of newbie bloggers and professional bloggers worldwide. And to make the most impact of this revolution, more and more webmasters, and even there is high demand for web designers because more and more large websites from more large multi-national corporations are seeking to hire web designers to make more room for spaces within a page of a website and/or blog making a room for hiring more bloggers worldwide. The more large multi-national corporations are seeking page views of the cyberspace the more bloggers are in demand, and the more it generates good earnings for newbie bloggers and professional bloggers. The more of good earnings, the more it generates good and beautiful life.

Steps in Using Google AdSense for Newbie Bloggers:
1.    Goal setting for the wanted earnings using Google AdSense
2.    Considering the goals possible the owned blog/website
3.    Go Realistic and Optimistic.
4.    Create  keyword enriched pages (Made through Research and profitable keywords)
5.    Create high quality like links(It pays very good Google rating if you do some careful keyword research in building the pages to your site.)
6.   Incorporate perseverance (10%) and hard work (90%) for all works

Most importantly, help spread all the spirits of Love, Hope, and Faith for all.

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Start exploring Google AdSense and Google Apps for Business.

Salamat sa Pag-Bisita! (Thank you for Visiting!)
Keep this blog (Good Earnings and a Beautiful Life) regularly checked for continued updates because I will provide some more information helping you build a blog and/or website for your business and/or personal good earning benefits.
I am hoping Good Earnings and a Beautiful life provide you helpful information for good earnings and benefits, and you visit at this Page is assure of discovering new good earnings and beneficial information and connecting with me online.
Have a happy website building/blog-site building, welcome newbie blogger!

And for all professional bloggers, a new calling is set, “The more bloggers learn, the more will be shared especially for more newbie bloggers.”

May God Bless Us All, Always…
Best regards to all professional bloggers and newbie bloggers, and More Power…

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Earn at home, Revolutionize Blogging so Be a Newbie Blogger

Earn at home, Revolutionize Blogging so Be a Newbie Blogger

you don't have to be a professional blogger to start blogging...

Educating ourselves and getting good earnings…

During college days, educational system are already linked to websites and helps educating ourselves, and find answers to our school assignments and projects.

Educating ourselves online and find answers to “How to get Good Earnings and a Beautiful Life...?”
Educational technology = "Educating ourselves online" + "Finding answers or ways How to Get Good Earnings and a Beautiful Life"

Educating ourselves, online, and finding answers for significant information are made available and easier, thanks to the vast number of websites and internet providers. With the advent of modern technology, internet services are made available even through internet broadband and/or wireless modems and/or applications with many commercial internet providers.

Now, at around 5 to 10 years after graduating college, and the ever growing unemployment rate, we now are facing more and more dependence from internet with all our resources and educational systems that are more integrating internet services and attaining educational upgrades. And even online educational degrees are offered, also an playing important factor of uplifting educational systems. Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating and improving performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes and resources (AECT, 2004). And educational technology and getting good earnings and getting a beautiful life are equally important gaining success holistically.

I had a many conversations, from friends, brothers, some members of our extended family, they are encouraging to get into making money from internet as a blogger. They even shared testimonies that they knew many people are having good earning as newbie blogger spending 3-5 hours online a day  to a professional blogger (as part-time) $ 150 - $ 200 a month, and I say spending 3 to 5 hours a day is not too bad in both ways as a newbie blogger or as the professional blogger spent for part-time.
Then, I slowly keep on searching the Do’s and the Don’ts in the blogging business. What interests me is “How to do it,” and slowly I have created my first blog post a year ago out of scratch, and out of boredom then left it unvisited for than a month. When I un-intentionally visited Mr. Google for a usual search, this page came up from the Google search results, and one article is coming from my blog. There clicking it with usual instinct from an ordinary web searcher, I got the blog post found created and owned by yours truly, and I realized how the opportunities is brought for bloggers, from a newbie blogger, to a professional blogger, to a blogger hobbyist, to blogger constantly seeking opportunities for  good earnings most especially seeking a beautiful life.

Other testimonies:
“When I quit my job started full-time work at home I missed the normal social interactions from the normal workplace. People missed the usual interactions from success and/or problems. And I want a community no matter how small enough, but enough that everyone knows they are there to help each other. So now, I got the best of both worlds, good Earnings and running a business to Earn at home with full of interactions.”  --- Ms. J / Owner of Internet Marketing

“I am full time blogger who makes a living from a dynamic medium from blogs Photo-related institution and Twitter-related sites. And sometime in early 2000s he read article about blogging, I didn’t know that time, after reading the article, it changed my life. Since then, I am now a full time blogger and blog for more than 15 blogs and co-owned a leading website and co-founded one blog network. ” --- Mr. D / Co-owned a leading website / Co-founded one blog network

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You don't have to be a professional blogger to start blogging...

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Community Safety and Awareness

Community Safety and Awareness
Community Safety and Awareness

This is from a direct resident of an ordinary citizen residing in a small subdivision…

Being one of the residents in his own subdivision, me, him, and us, all are members of our beloved communities, and we are all expected to love each of our neighbors and communities

And, if we know that violent and alarming events are happening in a week time, what are we going to do next? Worse, if all victims are being quiet and did not do anything to report the incident to police and other authorities, what are the least proper actions to be made?

Meet Joeu Poal, an ordinary resident of Sugarland Subdivision.
Sugarland Subdivision, is a small subdivision that came out when there was the booming Housing campaign of the National Housing Authority (NHA) with the partnership of Pag-Ibig Home Development Mutual Fund (PAG-IBIG) and of course with private company housing developers. Sugarland, located in Barangay Lumbo, Valencia City. The small subdivision in a small city, with limited funds, Mr. J. Poal can attest to the fact the being limited with common household income with each resident in the subdivision, and counted the fact that the subdivision was left by the real estate developers half of the projected expectations by residents that they should be living, if not at highest level of sub-urban community, at least being secured by perimeter fence of the whole Subdivision, but it never came successful. And, in consolation, they can avail of a low-cost housing started by the government, but not able to meet the half-ideal standards of general housing expectations… J. Poal attests, since they are limited to acquire services of own security personnel to take care of the residents, it is very normal to see, outsiders are going in and out of the subdivision premise…

To add for security problems of the said subdivision, one barangay or town share the common road ways each day, and what made residents more safety wise complicated, Sugarland itself, the subdivision is all open to common by-passers, and even he shared that there is one period in the 1990s, Sugarland Subdivision is used as the dwelling place and/or hiding area for syndicated organizations and/or gangs.

A latest event/Alarm…
In a week, the past two weeks, at least two incident of syndicated robbery/hold-up happened in just same week…

What is the very big and alarming problem? Many of members of the community is unaware of the latest incident. Residents of Sugarland are taking walks every week, day and night, in streets with no reliable street lights shining at night times, and even in one occasion one lady was Hold-upped during daytime. Joeu Poal is saying their subdivision is one of the city’s poorest street safety conditions.

We are calling all the public officials to take very urgent actions to address the safety all the streets within the subdivision and also the city streets…

We now should be starting to feel ashamed, if not addressed with immediate actions, we have more Police Officers in the Subdivision, members of the community; also, we even have Managers of electric power companies residing in the vicinity…

Why street lights fail, while we have managers of our own local power companies aware of street lights need? Street lights should be properly maintained in good functional conditions. And, it is very good to know that there are people who are concerned of Safety and security of members and their welfare, and they should never be afraid to air it publicly... Besides, the Safety of Members and Community is a Basis for Good Development and Earnings to become Stable and secure, and it should be a priority of any units of government and society....

Peace of Mind is one way to find Good Earnings...