Thursday, July 29, 2010

A friend keeps me connected and invites me to be an Affiliate

A friend keeps me connected and proposes to join and invites me to be an Affiliate. We all need an earning, may it dollar or peso. And this is starting to convince us when we are in dire straits, I mean, deeply in need. And we all, look after people of, when they find jobs, and been opened doors for earnings, you asked, How did they do that?

I have also been waiting for this to come. And, the opportunity is now here. She initiated to join her in a company that has a fixed rate of salary and commissions added for services.
The offer is, if I accepted the invitation, she will help me Learn how work as part of the company, and the terms and conditions have to be discussed yet. She has given me only a skype id…

To BE continued…
(until further news updates…)


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  2. Hello Eve,

    I have just Done your requested "thing" in the Comment, for added Safety, and I rally have to give more time for the changes ... and maintaining the Blogs...

    My best Regards, God Bless, and More Power...

    j. Jay